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Artefacts of a
Burning World

Opionated collection of articles, films, tweets, and other material that is related to the climate crisis.


Scenarios about our future are generated with models that calculate climate impacts based on various variables like energy mix, policy decisions and population development. What if you could set these variables and let the simulation evolve?
The planetary crisis panning game Half Earth Socialism allows for just that. Using the open-source model HectorFrancis Tseng and Son La Pham (with the help of other designers, researchers, and artists) created a format that kept me engaged for 4 hours straight with the myriad of tweaks and trade-offs of climate policy. The game is lovingly designed and embellished with myriad narrative details and an entertaining political embedding by borrowing from the book Half Earth Socialism.
And when no settings you try, works out, a look at this IPCC figure might help.